La Salina Hotel

CCarmelo, and Teodoro, owners of the Hotel, recommend their restaurants:

Il Gambero” At 300 meters from the Hotel. The restaurant-bar-pizzeria draws its experience from 50 years in the business. Masters in offering tasty authentic Aeolian cuisine. Also very well known for their traditional Italian pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. In the beautiful piazza of Lingua, in the cool waterfront, Il Gambero is one of the most relaxing places in the archipelago. Many specialties, some of these: the granite of Carmelo, seafood based pasta dishes, and freshly caught fish cooked to perfection.
For Reservations: 090.9843049

Porto Bello” by Teodoro: The Restaurant, the stunning view from the terrace at the port of S. Marina Salina, offering unique Aeolian cuisine specialising in appetizers, using the antique recopies and making them “new” using all imagination and simplicity with respect for the produce of the land and sea. An excellent wine list includes all the local businesses, the best producers from Sicily, the most famous Italian white and a few foreign labels. To book a romantic dinner please ask reception..
For Reservations: 090.9843125